Lyn MorningstarAssociation of Pet Dog Trainers

Member APDT since 1994 Veterinarian Recommended

"From her in depth consultation to her step-by-step positive reinforcement approach I have learned how to effectively communicate with my 3 dogs. I will continue to use her results proven techniques indefinitely."

Debbie Davis, Cape Coral



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Morningstar Dog Training provides personal in-home dog training sessions for basic obedience or specific behavioral issues for all ages and breeds of dogs.

An initial 5 week in-home program consisting of once-a-week sessions, concentrates on essential skills: sit, come, watch me, stay, heel, down and free. If your dog has a specific behavioral issue, this will also be included in your basic 5 week program.


Common issues that are often addressed are:

  • heeling without pulling
  • greeting without jumping
  • housebreaking/crate training
  • separation anxiety vs. boredom
  • thunderstorm phobia
  • socialization skills
  • aggression desensitization

    The basic course is designed to establish good manners around the house and in your neighborhood.

  • What better place to learn than on the street where you live?

    Advanced level training, group training and socialization sessions are also available to fit your personal needs.