Lyn MorningstarAssociation of Pet Dog Trainers

Member APDT since 1994 Veterinarian Recommended

"Whether behavioral issues or training is necessary, I strongly agree with Lyn's positive approach to training and behavior modification; best of all my clients love the service she provides, and the results."

Wm. R. Kroll, D.V.M.
Cape Coral





"Thank you for the very successful dog training and animal handling workshop you have provided for Lee County Animal Services. Your positive reinforcement methods have been a great resource for our volunteers and staff."

Ria Brown,
Public Information Officer
Lee County Animal Services



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At the age of 11, I trained our family dog - a 40-lb Spitz - how to roll over, chase his tail and dance in a circle.

I have come a long way since then, filling my life with college, marriage, teaching at a college level and 20 years in the advertising and graphic design profession. During that time, my interest in animal behavior kept growing as I pursued my own independent studies.

Dolphin training was my initial focus. The positive reinforcement techniques used were so amazing — I was immediately hooked. Although there weren't many dolphins to train in my hometown of Chicago, I discovered that the same positive training methods produced fantastic results when applied to dog training.

In 1993 I started an in-home dog training and consulting business in Chicago. I taught competition obedience classes at Tailwaggers Dog Training Club and German Shepherd Dog Training Club of Chicago, and also earned Utility titles with my own dogs. My German Shepherd and I went on to earn titles in Tracking and Herding as well, and he even learned how to run the fly-ball course. (Tennis balls rule!)

I have been a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) since 1994. APDT provides the latest, up-to-date research on canine behavior and training, and yearly seminars and workshops allow me to continue my education, including:


3/12-3/14/2010 Adolescent Dogs: Biting, Fighting, Behavorial & Training Problems Dr. Ian Dunbar
James & Kenneth Publishers
Orlando, FL
1/7/2010 The Power of Pets Dr. Patricia McConnell, PhD
The Brody Project
Naples, FL
2/21-2/22/2009 Canine Behavior Problems: Recognition to Resolution Sarah Kalnajs &
Pat Miller

Orlando, FL
6/28-6/30/2008 Behavior Evaluation
"Bite-O-Meter": Hands-on Workshop
Sue Sternberg
Orlando, FL
6/12/2008 Trainer for a Day
8 hour hands-on dolphin training workshop
Grassy Key, FL
11/10-11/11/2007 Understanding Canine Body Language & Behavior Assessments

Sarah Kalnajs, BA, CDBC, CPDT
Bonita Springs, FL

3/11/2006 Truth or DARE: Practical Canine Behavior Solutions Soraya Juarbe-Diaz, DVM
Brian Kilcommons
Tampa, FL
9/10-9/14/2003 The Association of Pet Dog Trainers 10th Annual Educational Conference APDT
Orlando, FL
4/26-4/27/2003 Behaviour & Training

John Rogerson
Tarpon Springs, FL

11/2-11/3/2002 The ABC's of Dog Training & Dog Aggression Workshop

Thad Lacinak
Chuck Tompkins

Sea World & Busch Gardens
Tarpon Springs, FL

5/18-5/19/2002 Clicker Training for Dogs Pat Miller
Tarpon Springs, FL
1/12-1/13/2002 Advanced Canine Behavior Patricia McConnell, PhD
Tarpon Springs, FL
5/7-5/9/2001 Three-Day Instructor's Workshop Dr. Ian Dunbar
Orlando, FL
3/24-3/26/2000 Training Behavior & Healthy Dog Conference Puppyworks
Lisle, IL
2/27-2/28 1999 Purely Positive Advanced Obedience Training Patty Ruzzo
Dogskills Adventure
Dublin, OH
11/13-11/15/1998 '98 Training Dogs & People APDT -
Fifth Annual Educational Conference
King of Prussia, PA
11/21-11/23/1997 Training People & Dogs APDT -
Fourth Annual Educational Conference
Memphis, TN
9/26/1997 Understanding & Recognizing Stress, Handling Skills for Difficult & Aggressive Dogs. Training Dogs in a Shelter Sue Sternberg
Chicago, IL
5/4/1997 Fears & Phobias & Compulsive Disorders Wayne Hunthausen, DVM
Naperville, IL
10/19-10/26/1996 Aggression: The World of Love & Hatred Dr. Roger Abrantes
Naperville, IL
6/1-6/2/1996 Excel-erated Learning! Pamela J. Reid, PhD
Chicago, IL
11/10-11/12/1995 Training People & Dogs in the '90's

Second Annual Educational Conference
Villa Park, IL