Lyn MorningstarAssociation of Pet Dog Trainers

Member APDT since 1994 Veterinarian Recommended

"I am excited to recommend Lyn Morningstar at my practice. Her qualifications are outstanding and in and of itself her background makes her the most reliable and reputable trainer in this area."

Diana Gonzalez-Edmonds, DVM Ft. Myers



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Morningstar Dog Training's mission is to see that all clients accomplish two important goals:


Personalized training for you and your dog.

Training builds a trusting relationship with your dog, and there is no better way to deepen that relationship than with personal one-on-one training sessions in your home with a skilled and experienced dog trainer.

A personal training program using positive reinforcement methods is the most effective way to encourage reliable, repeat responses. This is critical attitude adjustment that fuels repeat performance.

Now you have a dog that will happily respond to you over and over again. We always strive for that wagging tail!

"Dog Talk" is spoken here.

Morningstar Dog Training will teach you to effectively communicate with your dog through body language, the natural way dogs talk to each other.

Through the power of clicker training, body language, and highly motivational techniques you will learn to speak your dog's language so both you and your dog will learn to build an amazing human/canine partnership together.

Practice makes perfect

Your basic 5 week in-home program will provide you with all of the tools and resources that you need to learn the essential skills: sit, come, watch me, stay, heel, down and free.

You will receive a full informational package including step-by-step instructions with color photos and pull-out practice sheets so you can practice the basic commands and techniques and follow up between sessions and even after graduation.

Training Package

Your training package also includes comprehensive documentation essential to every pet owner with everything from keeping your pet healthy to understanding your dogs body language and much more!