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Member APDT since 1994 Veterinarian Recommended

"I am excited to recommend Lyn Morningstar at my practice. Her qualifications are outstanding and in and of itself her background makes her the most reliable and reputable trainer in this area."

Diana Gonzalez-Edmonds, DVM Ft. Myers



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The News-Press October 22, 2008

This Ft. Myers News-Press article talks about Lyn's volunteer work with Lee County Domestic Animal Services as a Behavioral Consultant, by helping pets in shelters becoming better adjusted and increasing their chance for adoption.

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barkingham dog park

Barkingham Dog Park

Lyn and her husband Ted were an integral part of establishing the Lee County Parks and Recreation Barkingham Dog Park.

Lyn designed the logo for the Park and along with husband Ted, a retired architect, helped develop the site plan.

The Barkingham Dog Park opened in the Summer of 2001. The park features an off-lead area including a separate fenced area for puppies, shy or small dogs, as well as an on-lead area around a large pond and through the wooded area of Buckingham Community Park.